Online vs In-Person Therapy

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YouTuber Sarah Hawkinson did a deep dive on the differences between online and traditional, in-person therapy.

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In the video, she recommends BetterHelp, which is also the paid service we recommend.

The pros of online therapy:

  • No restrictions - you can message your therapist as often as you'd like.
  • Comfort - you don't have to leave your home to engage in a session.
  • Communication options - a number of different communication options are available, including video.
  • Affordability - online therapy is usually more affordable than in-person therapy.
  • Better matching - online therapy will often match you to a counselor best suited to fit your needs, no longer are you restricted to whoever is in driving distance.

If you think online therapy is the right solution for you, we encourage you to answer BetterHelp's short questionnaire to be matched with a therapist (note that this is a referral link and we are compensated for referrals). If you're just looking to talk to someone, we recommend our free online therapy chat.