Free Online Therapy – What To Know Before Trying It

Free online therapy has become increasingly popular with the digital expansion in recent decades. Some of the main reasons for the attractiveness of free online therapy are anonymity and convenience. This doesn’t involve face-to-face contact with a therapist and it can be obtained from the coziness of your home. As numerous studies suggest, online counseling in depression and anxiety can be as efficient as a traditional, face-to-face therapy.

Sometimes our coping mechanisms are not appropriate or strong enough to handle stress we encounter. Some life challenges are too intense to be dealt with on our own. Nevertheless, some serious mental health conditions require more in-depth treatment that paid online counseling may provide. On the other hand, there are many mental health issues that can benefit from free online therapy chat rooms.

Free online therapy chat rooms are groups of support gathered around a specific topic, that you can join at no cost. Whether you are facing challenges in life or you just want to chat with someone, you can join online counseling chat groups to talk to supportive people who have overcome the same or similar challenges. You can join conversations about issues that matter in a certain community forum. And you don’t have to pay for it. We can confirm from our own experience that joining free online therapy chat rooms can help you feel less isolated and lonely.

Furthermore, online chat rooms may help you gain sense of control over your life and improve your coping skills. You can also get the practical information and advice about the treatment options suitable for your condition.

Free Online Therapy Benefits

Many studies proved benefits of online counseling. One study, reviewed by Canadian Medical Association Journal examined the effect of online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in treatment of depression. CBT focuses on reducing negative thoughts, thus changing behavior and easing symptoms. Tracking participants eight weeks to two years after therapy, researchers found that online CBT could successfully reduce symptoms of depression and other mental health problems.

Online counseling allows convenient, confident and easy access to best online therapy. Some of the treatment services you need to pay for, while other online therapy options are available free of charge. One of the best online counseling options that you can get for free are online chat rooms.

People seek free online therapy for many reasons. You can look for mental health chat rooms if you are struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health matter. Online counseling chat rooms can help you if you need assistance to overcome a situation crisis in your life or talk to somebody about a traumatic experience that you went through. Furthermore, you can benefit from from free online therapy if you need support in untangling your strained relationships and boosting your confidence and self-awareness.

Anxiety and Depression Counseling

Long-lasting feelings of sadness, anxiety or desperation may lead to more serious mental health problems. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are numerous. Some of them include: sleep troubles, problems concentrating, sudden mood shifts, inability to control worry, different physical pains and feelings of hopelessness and sadness. If you are struggling with some of these symptoms, free online therapy may help.

Life Crisis and Traumatic Experiences

You may also reach out for support of online community if you are facing or went through a challenging life event like sudden loss of a close person, divorce, loss of a job or chronic illness.

When our coping skills get overwhelmed by the intensity of a life event, we are likely to develop symptoms of depression or anxiety. Therefore, it is important to seek support from a people who went through a similar experience and share your feelings with those who would understand you.

Also, trauma survivors may benefit from joining online counseling chat rooms led by a professional facilitator, where they can share their experience and feelings connected to it. Looking for therapy after surviving trauma may prevent developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other health difficulties.
Strained Relationships

If you are engaged in any type of toxic relationship, or you feel that quality of your relationships with the close people declined, you may seek online community groups’ support. If you feel misunderstood and struggle coping with challenges in your relationships, you could benefit from online counseling. Discussing your personal struggles with people who share the same experiences can be extremely helpful.

Reasons to Seek Free Online Therapy Chat Rooms

Short-Term Service

Traditional therapy usually lasts for several months, sometimes even years. And for some people it’s simply impossible to commit to a counseling for that long. Most people today look for a short-term, efficient solutions to their challenges. Online therapy usually doesn’t take longer than a few sessions. Of course, you can always extend the treatment if you feel that you need to. Similarly, you can join and leave chat rooms whenever you want.


Free online therapy doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your home. And for many people this is the main advantage of this type of counseling. Traditional therapy requires the client to travel to the therapist’s office once or a few times a week. With the mental health chat rooms, you chose the date and time of your counseling sessions. In addition, all you need to participate is your computer and internet connection.

In addition, long working hours or unavailable child-care today are common issues many people face in their everyday life. Many times therapist’s office hours and client’s work hours interfere, so it can be hard to schedule regular appointments. Online mental health counseling may be a great therapy solution since it can be managed from home.


Some people feel uneasiness in a personal contact, despite the fact that a therapeutic relationship is a highly confidential one. In situation like this, chat rooms proved to be very beneficial, since the client stays rather anonymous.

For many people who live in distant rural areas, professional therapy can be hard to come by. For these people, our free online therapy chat rooms may be very helpful.

The Cost

Free online therapy has no hidden costs, and that’s one of the main advantages of this type of counseling. The cost of traditional therapy can be very high and in many cases is not covered by health insurance plans. So for many people counseling is simply unaffordable.

Mental health chat rooms offer many benefits, from free and easy access to support of the certain online community. To make use of this kind of service, you need to be sure that you chose the right chat room. Ensure that you are responsible chat room user. Be sensitive to other users’ needs and respectful in your conversations. Always remember to protect your privacy.
If you are wondering how we are able to keep Free Online Therapy free forever, or have questions about the privacy and anonymity of the service, you can check out our FAQ page for more info.

Who Free Online Therapy may not be right for

While many people will see immediate relief from using our free online therapy chat rooms, it’s not for everyone. If you’ prefer to chat with a dedicated professional therapist, then we would recommend paid online therapy. Free online therapy is best for those who need emotional support or just need someone to vent to. If you are battling more serious issues, we recommend signing up for professional online therapy.

We have several professional counseling options you can pick from depending on what kind of therapist you want:

BetterHelp Free Online Therapy

Our recommended provider is BetterHelp. BetterHelp is geared towards those exact people who online therapy was made for – people on the go. Those too busy to take the time to travel and go to a therapist, get the same benefits from the convenience of their smartphone. Therapists are available for you 24/7 with the option to also have a live phone session. BetterHelp allows each patient to participate anonymously. Privacy standards are used on the same level as financial institutions using military grade 256-bit encryption. Click here to try BetterHelp.

It ultimately comes down to whether you want a dedicated professional therapist or not. We have had great success with free online therapy, but still suggest paid counseling for those who are struggling from more serious issues.

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